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Hardwood Flooring Tyler Texas

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Choosing the Right Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Making a flooring choice is an important decision in any construction or remodeling project. When determining what type of flooring is right for you, consider the durability and strength of hardwood floors. Solid wood flooring is a great choice for the humid Tyler, Texas area. It stands up well to the heat and moisture that is prevalent, and also handles traffic and high-use areas well when properly installed and protected with the right finish.

Types of Wood Floor Materials

Solid Wood Flooring: Also called hardwood flooring, this option is the most versatile and comes in the largest selection of colors. Hardwood is easily stained to the desired color and is available in natural, tan, orange, red, brown and gray.

Hardwood flooring is installed in planks. Each plank is a solid piece of wood cut from oak, maple, cherry or even beautiful exotic types of trees like mahogany. These types of trees are the most commonly used options due to their strength and durability.

The type of wood you choose will also determine what natural wood tone the flooring will have, and may even impact the look of the type of stain you choose. Always talk to your flooring professional to determine which type of wood will make the best flooring choice for your rooms.

Engineered Flooring: Engineered flooring can provide a beautiful low cost wood surface for home builders on a budget. It looks like solid hardwood, but is constructed of at least one inner layer of plywood. The outside layer is a thin veneer of hardwood glued to the top of the plywood.

The more inner layers a piece of engineered wood has, the stronger it is and better it is for insulation. Some engineered wood floors are also eco-friendly. They can be made with an inner portion created with recycled wood fibers for added ecological value. Engineered wood floors are also easily stained and hold color well. They can be installed in natural tones, as well as in all other wood stain choices available in hardwood floors.

Bamboo Flooring: Bamboo is a great flooring material and an excellent choice for maintaining the most eco-friendly environment. Bamboo is one of the most prolific woods, and it is renewable in that cutting down a bamboo shaft does not kill the tree. Instead, the tree will regenerate new growth quickly and make even more wood for construction. Bamboo is easily farmed and does not require deforestation to harvest.

The older the bamboo wood is, the more durable it will be. Some other aspects to ask your flooring professional about are the grain and color of the wood choices available. The flooring will last longer if the grain is vertical. Bamboo is available in many color selections from light gray to deep, rich brown.

Selection and Care for Hardwood Floors in Texas Homes

All of the above flooring types are excellent choices for home owners in Tyler. Talk to the flooring professionals at Andrews Flooring to get as much information on each type of material available and costs in your location. In most cases, hardwood floors should be covered with a polyurethane protective coating in kitchens and bathrooms. However, in any area where the temperatures and moisture levels are high such as East Texas, it is a good idea to cover all wood flooring to increase its lifespan.

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